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The New Rules of Engagement

Posted 6/22/2016

By Larry Pernosky, Amedisys Chief Human Resources Officer

Let’s get engaged, shall we? After all, Amedisys is out to get all 16,000+ of its employees engaged. Engaged with team members, engaged with patients, engaged with referral sources in the communities we serve.

Research shows that fully engaged employees enjoy better health and are more conscientious. They’re more than twice as likely to have thriving personal lives. They’re inclined to stay on the job longer, work harder and care more while doing it. Plus, organizations equipped with engagement strategies saw net income improve by 756%.

That’s why last year we started our People Engagement Survey. We have multiple goals. To promote a culture that prizes engagement. To retain our employees. To grow our business. And to be the best company we can be, widely recognized us as an employer of choice.

That can happen only if we give all of our employees a chance to be heard. So we asked you to react to the following comments.

“I would recommend Amedisys as a great place to work.”

“I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company.”

“I am proud to work for Amedisys.”

“Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Amedisys as a place to work.”

In other words, do you bring the best of yourself to the workplace every day? Are you motivated, even inspired?

Our overall engagement score, reflecting employee pride, advocacy, loyalty and satisfaction, was 72% – slightly higher than the worldwide average of 70%, with pride about working for Amedisys the factor that ranked the highest. Our score suggests that most of you feel empowered to deliver the best care for our patients, and demonstrate your commitment daily.

For proof, just ask Jackie Dugger, director of operations at our home health care center in Mountain City, Tennessee, where engagement has soared. Team members talk to each other, listen to each other, get to know each other, respect each other, help each other and have fun with each other. “In this office, we’re family,” Jackie explains. “We care about each other and we’d do anything to help each other. It takes all of us to accomplish what we need to accomplish each and every day.”

Our research also revealed that care centers with engaged employees observed superior results in metrics used to monitor and evaluate our clinical distinction. Care centers with higher performance on the People Engagement Survey demonstrated higher performance on their Quality of Patient Care Star Rating during the same time period; Additionally, care centers with higher engagement results also demonstrated lower rates of turnover.

But the survey was just the first step. Our initiative also asked our leaders at all levels to go over their survey results and work with their teams to tailor action plans for 2016. After all, we already have care plans for patients, so we should also have care plans for our employees. The process identifies two or three keys to what we’re doing right and also where and how to get better. Our objective was for 75% of employees to log engagement action plans, but a whopping 98% chose to do so.

A case in point about the care plans is our home health care center in Brent, Alabama, with some of the highest engagement scores at Amedisys. After its teams reviewed the engagement survey results, they developed a care plan that called for more direct feedback, as well as examples that illustrate issues, at care conferences for staff. “People feel comfortable speaking up in care conference, or coming to me,” says Lindsay Giddiens, director of operations. “It’s a great reflection of our level of trust. Now we deal with problems head on.”

Amedisys is currently tabulating feedback from a confidential, five-minute follow-up survey with 20% of our clinicians about how we can best improve in the second half of 2016. Stay tuned for more on our Pulse Survey.

So let’s maintain the momentum here. Let’s keep our companywide conversation going. Engagement is more than an initiative to benefit the people of Amedisys. It is also critical for making our Company an Employer of Choice.
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