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What Does Face-to-Face Mean for My Practice?

Posted 11/22/2011 Categories: home health, face-to-face, homebound, CMS

The face-to-face encounter requirements may be satisfied by simply supplying copies of your progress notes, discharge summaries, or included in the orders for home health, if they include the following information:

  • The patient's name
  • The date of the face-to-face encounter with the patient
  • The aspects of the patient's condition that make them homebound
  • The aspects of the patient's condition that necessitate skilled services by home health
  • Your signature and date

The face-to-face encounter must occur between 90 days prior and 30 days after the start of home health care, and must be related to the reason for home health services.

Face-to-Face Quick ReferenceWe've put together a face-to-face quick reference card to help you document the CMS requirements efficiently. You can print it and keep it at your desk, or save it to your mobile device for convenient access.

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