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Your Home Health Care Team

Your home health care team will be comprised of handpicked, highly trained medical professionals, dedicated to getting you well. When we’re in your home, you are the center of our attention. There are no machines going off in the next room distracting us. No pagers calling us down the hall. While we're with you, it’s all about you. 

We come to your home on your doctor’s orders, listen to what you have to say, assess your unique needs and plan of care with your physician to restore your quality of life. In many ways, we are your physician’s eyes and ears. 

As integral as our team is to your recovery, though, the most important member of the team just might be you. Your commitment, your cooperation, your courage is going to make the difference. Amedisys can help you get there.

Learn more about the members of your home health team:

Skilled Nursing

Home Health Nurses »

The center of your home health team

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy »

Helping you regain strength and flexibility

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy »

Helping you maintain independence in your daily life

Speech-Language Pathology »

Specializing in swallowing, cognition and communication disorders

Home Health Aid

Psychiatric Nursing »

Helping with depression, dementias and other psychiatric illnesses

Medical Social Work

Medical Social Work »

Support and counseling to help manage your condition