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Care Transitions

Hospital executives and other health care leaders face the challenge of meeting the needs of a 21st century population which is living longer, with more of a chronic disease burden, in a fragmented system. No setting more clearly portrays this challenge than that of transition: the transfer of a patient and their care from the hospital or facility setting to their home.

The transition of a patient back home is fraught with challenges:
• Poor communication with physicians and other members of the patient’s care team
• Conflicting and/or misunderstanding of medical information
• Missed doctor visits
• Medication errors

If we do not focus on improving these critical transitions, we will continue to have “frequent flyer” patients to the ER, declining patient satisfaction and outcomes, and unmanageable readmission costs.

Working together across the care continuum, we can help better manage chronically ill patients and prevent avoidable readmissions. Care Transitions is a part of the solution.
Care Transitions has been elevated in priority in the current health care landscape because it works.
Whether your organization has an existing Care Transitions team or is looking to start a Care Transitions program, Amedisys can be a supportive partner.
The Amedisys Care Transitions initiative was designed based on work by Eric Coleman, MD, MPH, University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center, and Mary Naylor, PhD, FAAN, RN, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.
If you’d like to learn more about how Amedisys can support your care transitions initiatives, please check out our e-book.