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Our health care system seems constantly in flux these days, and the burden on physician practices to keep up with new regulations can be daunting. We hope the following tips, guides and resources will help make caring for your home health and hospice patients a smooth and easy process. 

Home Health and Your Patients »

We focus on reducing preventable readmissions, improving transitions from discharge to home and providing the services your homebound patients need. View this slideshow to learn more.

Reducing Readmissions »

With readmission penalties taking effect, does your hospital have the right strategy for post-acute care? An advanced home health care ally can help reduce preventable readmissions and make the difference for your patients.

Patient Eligibility for Home Health and Hospice »

Which patients can receive Medicare- or insurance-covered home health or hospice care? Find information about conditions of participation, hospice criteria and homebound status.

Understanding Homebound Status »

This short guide will help clarify the factors to consider when determining a patient's homebound status, and empower physicians to ensure their patients receive the care they truly require.

Home Health Face-to-Face Requirement »

Make face-to-face documentation quick and easy, so we can all get back to what's important: providing the best care for our patients. Download the free quick reference kit.

Care Plan Oversight (CPO) »

Medicare reimburses physicians for time spent overseeing the care of patients receiving home care services. You may already be doing the work, why not get paid for it? Our downloadable CPO guide gives you the conditions of coverage, billing tips and local reimbursement rates for many markets nationwide. 

Common Questions »

Get answers to common questions health care professionals might have about home health and hospice care.