Is home care right for my patients?

Patient Eligibility

Our highly skilled nurses, therapists and aides will work closely with your practice to coordinate a continuum of care for your patients. The sooner you engage us in the support of your patients regarding their new medication, diagnosis or condition, the more effective our clinical programs and your patients’ outcomes can be. There is a better transitional impact early on that can help prevent hospitalization for your patients.

Amedisys has compiled a few quick-reference guides to help you determine whether your patients may be eligible to benefit home health care.

The home health patient eligibility kit covers:
·        Home health eligibility criteria
·        Homebound status checklist
·        Is Home Health the Answer? patient self-assessment
·        Clear answers on face-to-face documentation

We've also provided a hospice patient eligibility kit to help you understand the hospice eligibility requirements, the many diagnoses that can qualify a patient for hospice, and the ways that hospice can work with you to care for patients with a life-limiting illness.
Included in the kit:
·        Hospice Eligibility Guide Sheet
·        Criteria specific to common hospice diagnoses
·        Is Hospice the Answer? Patient Quiz
·       Tips for Initiating the Hospice Conversation